jacqueline rankine-van wassenhoven

Jacqueline Rankine-Van Wassenhoven
I love to write children's stories. I love all animals. I love the smell of the sea, and all of the four seasons.
My darling Serge and I

Look and Listen


My Mum, Dad, and my sister Margaret, and I came from Edinburgh, Scotland in 1957. We came over by ship, her name was called the "The Fairsea" It took 13 days for the crossing to reach Toronto, Canada. I went to a one room, red brick school house in Erin, Ontario. My teacher was Mrs. McBride. We moved to Toronto, I went to a couple of schools there, then to Northern Secondary High School. In 1969 one of my pals and I went over to Europe, we hitch hiked, and lived in Youth Hostels, most of the time. We had so much fun, and met so many interesting people along the way. I have many, many fond memories of that time.


My inspiration came when I was quite young. I read a book by "Enid Blyton" called "The Enchanted Wood" This book was so magical...with talking animals, fairies, magical lands, and of course the three children, and much more. All my life I have been a dreamer, I love children, animals, and writing with my vivid imagination. I have taken a couple of courses in the past for writing children's stories. And I am pleased to say that Publishamerica has liked one of my stories and I will be published later this year. Names of my children's books are A Frog Named Waldor.. Who Stole Grandpa's Teeth? and my latest one The Broomhouse Mystery Since then I have written two more books Three Pumpkin Pies For Three Good Neighbors and A Little Honey For Serge.