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Created for the Independent & Small Press Author as well as unpublished writer we welcome all writers regardless of format, style or publication, Nothing Binding unites all writers from around the world. When you join, You can promote your book(s) and discover great new writing. No fees, costs or charges for membership.

Your New Audience Awaits You at Nothing Binding.

about jerry simmonsJerry D. Simmons, former New York Publishing Executive is the Founder of Nothing Binding. He says, “There is nothing binding writers from creating, publishing and marketing original written content.”

Nothing Binding gives:

  • Undiscovered and emerging writers and authors a unique platform to showcase their works to readers, and
  • Readers Only an opportunity to discover special gems and new writing, that have been overlooked by mainstream, hard-to-reach, traditional publishers

Mainstream or traditional publishers launch fewer titles every year. This does not mean they necessarily publish the best books or that they have a lock on the next big bestseller.

Nothing Binding is Your Door to
Publishing Opportunity and Unparalleled Success.

That’s why Nothing Binding is independent books’ dedicated voice, your voice.

  • Every day, on average hundreds of new books are published. No wonder it’s tough for aspiring writers and authors to get noticed in today’s world and even tougher for discerning readers to find the books they seek
  • Every year the average retail price of books increases, and the selection and diversity of titles available at retail continues to shrink; hence the importance of Nothing Binding
  • What’s more, there are few cost effective ways to promote independent books and their authors.
  • Readers have become savvy about seeking out new and interesting writing. /li>

Readers, writers and authors like You join Nothing Binding because they want something new, special and refreshing. Nothing Binding delivers.

Writers have consistently been frustrated in the never-ending difficult and confusing process that is called “getting published.” Thousands of beautifully written and very high quality works regrettably fall through the cracks of traditional publishing – a system that’s tired, antiquated and outmoded and that rewards a very select few at your expense...

Isn’t it time You joined Nothing Binding so
You and we can make a difference together?

These unpublished (often rejected) works did not fail because of individual weakness, poor writing or poor story, but because the writer lacked guidance, support, and meaningful access to readers, an agent of a mainstream publisher. At Nothing Binding, with just a few clicks You can put an end to this and change the independent publishing world.

Nothing Binding is a one-of-a-kind, online community, designed by a longstanding and former publishing executive who saw the need for a new reality for books, authors, writers and readers.

Often, independently published authors experience sales success and form grassroots followings by reading to, speaking with, and forming an emotional connection with prospective readers. This road can be a long one, especially with limited individual resources and time. However, the payoff for the readers is intense and highly rewarding.

Understanding a writer at a higher level enriches the reading experience. Writers and authors who touch readers with video, professional or not, can attract a new audience. Nothing Binding opens that world for every writer and author.

Nothing Binding empowers and enriches the global new independent literary world, 24/7, by bringing together writers, readers and authors across the globe by providing opportunities with the latest technology.

Our name — "Nothing Binding" — reflects the power of independence.

Together, we – that includes You: writers, authors, readers and Nothing Binding – will break the chains of the old publishing system that is trying to block the new independent global publishing movement.

To join Nothing Binding and savor all the wonderful benefits waiting for You, Join today.