Stop When You See Red

By Carol Welsh

Your reactions to people are stimulated by how you perceive them. These perceptions are influenced by your 4 perceptual styles.

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Through understanding the 4 perceptual styles, the Empowering and Limiting Tendencies and how to defuse your hot buttons, it’s possible to live a richly rewarding life. Sometimes all it takes is to change how you approach a difficult person to get a more positive response.

Reader Comments

Place Yourself in the Driver's Seat of the Rest of Your Life

Although most of us already have some insight into our perceptual strengths and weaknesses, the self-appraisal test in Stop When You See Red helps us identify just how strong or weak each of our empowering and limiting tendencies actually is. This test is an entertaining yet thought provoking activity to try solo or with family members or friends. Then move on to the remainder of the book, to learn strategies for cooling your "hot buttons", interacting effectively with various perceptual types, and readjusting the way you act or react by altering the way you perceive the actions and reactions of others.

The true stories and anecdotes from the authors personal experiences, as well as those of her friends, colleagues and workshop participants, serve as clear illustrations. Some humorous, others touching, and one near tragic, they move us quickly from theory to practical application. Once you understand that the choice is yours, you place yourself in the driver's seat of your life. By using Carol Welsh's techniques to expunge negativity from your life, you gain near magical powers in your level of happiness and your ability to function more effectively with others.

Not only will you want to read this book, but afterwards, you will probably want to sign up for one of Carol Welsh's workshops.

Lois W. Stern
Author of Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery

loiswstern | Mon, 09/17/2007 - 00:51