Press 1 for Pig Latin

By Robert S. Swiatek

Highlighting the automobile, television, computer, the telephone and the bomb, Press 1 for Pig Latin discusses the failure of technology and solutions to fix things, since it can be of great benefit.

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Over the last century, despite great technological advances – with special emphasis on the telephone, television, automobile, computer and gunpowder – the innovation has resulted in many problems for the planet and the people on it. The workweek should have been shortened with the computer, but I’m sure you’ve heard: just do a restart, it appears to be a disk crash, it’s a compatibility problem, system processing, system is unavailable and can you work this weekend? I could also mention the joys of email, spam, viruses, spyware and files that can’t be opened. The telephone may be great but what about voice mail, cell phone symphonies, call waiting, the no-answer machine and calls at dinner time that could be made at some other time – like when you’re not home. Television had such great potential, but now we are blessed with reality TV, commercials, obesity and zombies. Almost no one can do without the automobile, but you probably heard about being held captive by OPEC and the oil companies, global warming because of reliance on fossil fuels, as well as these four words: Pinto, Corvair, Edsel and Yugo. If you think gunpowder evolving into the bomb and all its derivatives (not one of my favorite words) was a good idea, you’ll have to read my 2008 book, “This War Won’t Cost Much.” Despite the bad, we have to fix technology, since it has so many benefits. This book offers solutions to clean up the mess that the people themselves have been responsible for.

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