Anita Bloom Ornoff
Anita Bloom Ornoff, author of the inspirational page turner, "Beyond Dancing" A Veteran's Struggle - A Woman's Triumph.
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Anita Bloom Ornoff had her memoir "Beyond Dancing" published at the age of 83. She is a graduate of Layola College in Baltimore, Md. with a degree in Psychology and went on to become a mental health technician. As a young girl I had lots of freedom to get into mischief since my mother and father spent the day working at their children's clothing store. My teenage years were spent competing with boys in tennis and swimming but my greatest love was dancing. At age 21, a dramatic event forever changed my life when I became paralyzed from the waist down.


It was during my working days at the Maryland State Hospital that I enrolled at Notra Dame University in Baltimore to improve in my report writing. It was there that my writing was recognized and I was recommended to pursue creative writing. When asked if I had something in particular to write about, I reacted with a yes; the secret of how I became paralyzed. I worked hard and graduated from Layola College. It was during these working years that I met so many people who learned of my ordeal in the Women's Auxliary Army Corp (WAAC) where I became paralyzed from the waist down at the age of 21. These friends prevailed on me to write my true story for others to be inspired by my courage and ablity to survive. Thus was born my memoir "Beyond Dancing". Hillary Rodham Clinton stated after reading the book; "You are clearly a woman of courage". I consider "Beyond Dancing" a compelling/inspirational true story of my rehabilitation with courage and strength.

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